1974 Cessna Cardinal, N34865

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General Information

This 177B, Serial Number 17702053, is owned and operated by John Johnson and hangared at KFLP (Flippin, AR). Click any link above for pictures and details, or look below for a summary of all additions and modifications.

Summary of Significant Additions, Features, or Modifications

Aircraft Treated with CorrosionXLeather Interior
Micro AeroDynamics Vortex GeneratorsRear Seat Ventilation
Maple Leaf Late Model Fiberglass Wheel FairingsHalon Fire Extinguishers
Stene Aviation Late Model Fiberglass Upper and Lower Gear Leg FairingsPilot & CoPilot Full Articulating Seats
Secondary Seat Stops on Both Seats

Rosen Sunvisors with 3rd Axis Update
AvionicsSaircorp/Flight Boss Organizer Console
JPI EDM-830New Plastic Interior Trim, Including the Panel
Alpha Systems AOA System
Garmin GTX327 Transponder
Garmin GNS430W GPS/NAV/COMElectrical
EI P-300M Magnetic Float Fuel SensorsConcorde RG-35AXC Battery
Precise Flight Vacuum Warning IndicatorSky-Tec 149-NL Flyweight Starter
PS Engineering PMA8000BTi Audio PanelLED Taxi, Landing, Position Lights
Aerospace Logic FL252 Fuel Quantity IndicatorAmeri-King AK-950-F3 Cooling Fan
Navworx ADS-B Transceiver  (2020 Compliant)Zeftronics Voltage Regulator (R15V00 Rev A)
Electronics International AV-17 Voice AnnunciatorAvTek Pulsar Omega II Taxi Light Pulse Module
UMA EL (Electroluminescent) Light Bezel SystemPlane-Power AL12-F60 Lightweight 60 Amp Alternator
EI OPT-1 Oil Pressure and Temperature Indicator

Engine/PropOther Features
Bracket Air FilterNo Damage History
Tanis Engine HeaterComplete Log Books
Tempest Fine Wire Spark Plugs
Vernier Propeller and Mixture Controls
CV1J4 “Clear View” Inline Vacuum Filter