1974 Cessna Cardinal, N34865

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The aircraft was painted in 1990 (at 2496 hours) by Cimarron Aircraft Corp, El Reno, OK. Still very glossy with a few chips on the nose and wing leading edges, but otherwise very serviceable.

Basecoat: 570-535 Matterhorn White (Sherwin-Williams JetGlo)
Top Stripe: 20398 Maroon (Sherwin-Williams AcryGlo)
Bottom Stripe: 43805 Red (Dupont Imron)

Other Exterior Features

Aircraft Treated with CorrosionX
Micro AeroDynamics Vortex Generators
Maple Leaf Late Model Fiberglass Wheel Fairings
Stene Aviation Late Model Fiberglass Upper and Lower Gear Leg Fairings