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Twin Lakes Community 'Help' Directory Online for Easy Reference
August 2001

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. - A new directory of organizations helping others in the Twin Lakes area of Baxter and Marion Counties is now online. It can be found at the Internet address www.twinlakescommunity.org. The Web site went online in mid-June listing approximately 90 local service organizations with contact telephone numbers, operating hours and services provided.

Adding state and national service organizations brings the number of organizations listed on the Web site to more than 200. Listings include contact details and what the organization does to help people.

All organizations can be found by category of service or alphabetically by name of the organization. For example, on the Community Resources page, Baxter County Day Service Center is listed alphabetically in the "B" group and in the categories for "Education" and "Handicap/Special Needs." Agencies with many services may be listed in numerous categories. An example is Baxter County Juvenile Services - listed alphabetically in the "B" group and in eight categories: education, legal assistance, substance abuse, child/youth care, child/youth abuse, child/youth health and protection.

The United Community Resource Council introduced and demonstrated the Web site August 9 during a press conference at Arkansas State University Mountain Home. Creation of the Web site is a coordinated effort of the UCRC, which is made up of 24 local service organizations, additional agencies and two funding sources. A $12,350 grant from the South Shore Foundation at Flippin and a $5,000 grant from the TEA Coalition of Baxter County funded the project's initial phase of listing up to 100 local organizations on the Web site.

Susan Partney, UCRC project coordinator at ASUMH Press Conference, August 9, 2001.
Susan Partney, project coordinator,
explains the importance of the UCRC Web site
at a press conference August 9, 2001,
at Arkansas State University Mountain Home.

For those who use public access computers, such as those at libraries, there will be promotional signs identifying "www.twinlakescommunity.org" as the online source to find organizations of "People Helping People." Business cards with the Web site URL have been printed and are available at the public Internet access sites to keep for reference.

Susan Partney, project coordinator for the UCRC, said, "The overall intent of this Web-based resource is to provide as much current information on services available in our community to as many people as possible."

Mrs. Partney said it is important for service providers to know what other service providers do if they are to counsel their clients effectively. The descriptions, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses make up a great resource, she said. "It is also our goal to have those who need services become self-reliant in locating appropriate resources by making the information and Internet access available to them."

From left, Ellen Kilgore, Brent Taylor, Jackie Edmonds, and Susan Partney.
They were all smiles August 9 when these community
leaders announced the new UCRC Web site.
From left, Ellen Kilgore, Brent Taylor, Jackie Edmonds,
and Susan Partney.

Others working on the project urged the public to use the site to save time, transportation and, most of all, avoid the frustration of not knowing where to turn for help. With this information online, the public or information providers in local agencies can match a person's needs to services offered by an organization, allowing the person to go to the right place and get results.

The South Shore Foundation approved funding for the project because it uses telecommunications technology to benefit so many people, according to Margaret Hall, foundation trustee. "Using the Internet is an efficient way to present a great deal of information to the public and to keep that information up-to-date."

Committee members in addition to Mrs. Partney are: Jackie Edmonds, Department of Human Services;  Barb Pate, Arkansas Department of Health; Richard Taffner, Baxter County Health Unit; Ellen Kilgore, Arkansas Department of Health; and Brent Taylor, DHS.

Elizabeth Norell, a Web site developer from Brooks-Jeffrey Marketing, Inc. in Mountain Home, demonstrated the site at the press conference. Ms. Norell pointed out that the online information can be easily updated, informing organization representatives present how to handle basic operations of updating and linking to the site. Brooks-Jeffrey Marketing, Inc. was the company chosen to design the www.twinlakescommunity.org Web site. Brooks-Jeffrey Marketing, Inc. has designed Web sites since 1996 for retail businesses, chambers of commerce and tourism associations, professionals and individuals locally and statewide.

For more information about the United Community Resource Council, please contact Jeff Crawford, president, at 425-9811. Mrs. Partney can be reached by telephone at 425-7974 or by e-mail to spartney@cox-internet.com.

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