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Crooked Creek
A smallmouth bass fisherman can find happiness in the excellent fishing in Marion County's Crooked Creek. However, Crooked Creek has notable seasonal fluctuations as a floating stream. The Pyatt-to-Yellville section is floatable only in the spring. Toward the end of this stretch, inside the town of Yellville, there is a city park with public access for canoes and other boats, a walking track, and ball fields. The stretch between Flippin and the White River is rarely floatable and has been described as "extremely rugged."

Crooked Creek
Crooked Creek
Map Location: F-7

Valleys of beauty, peace. Looking for peaceful pastures and rolling hills? Then a left turn onto State Highway 101 curving through the Rea Valley and Hand Valley is a "must see" for visitors. Highway 101 merges with County Road 6062 to lead you to the White River public access landing known locally as "Ranchette."

Backtrack on 6062 and 101 to Highway 62/412 or bypass and proceed toward Flippin. Ranger Boats is the largest employer in Flippin, which is also a center for light manufacturing of several types.

Private planes use the Marion County Regional Airport, just north of the town, off Highway 178.

All-seasons fishing. Looking for exciting sportfishing? One possibility would be angling for white bass. Head north from Flippin taking Highway 178 a short distance, then turn left on Marion County Road 8060 to fish for white bass at the CCC Public Access on Jimmie Creek. Continue to the lakeside community of old Midway and the Pine Mountain area via Marion County Roads 8059 to 8001. Take Marion County Road 8004 to visit Pot Shoals net pens or continue to the Welcome Ridge Public Access.


Over a half-million fish in nets. To see how the Arkansas Game & fish Commission grows about 487,000 trout and catfish in net pens for stocking in Bull Shoals Lake and other area waters, call ahead (1-877-436-1639) to Pot Shoals in the area of Welcome Ridge. Small communities like Midway and Pine Mountain will welcome you. The county roads end at the lakeshore, as does the Countryside and Fishing Site Tour. There’s enough fishing for several days on this tour when visitors lodge at Flippin, Fairview, Bull Shoals, or nearby.

Visit Pot Shoals Net Pens - Map Location: C-6
Visit Pot Shoals Net Pens
Map Location: C-6

1,000 Miles of Bull Shoals Lake Shoreline - Map Location: C-6
1,000 Miles of Bull Shoals Lake Shoreline
Map Location: C-6

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