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Cotter on White River. Drive U.S. Highway 62/412 west toward Flippin. At the scenic overlook, view the river far below you, the town of Cotter built on the bluffs, the railroad bridge, and the historic rainbow arches of the R.M. Ruthven Cotter Bridge. This arched bridge, restricted to light traffic, is on the National Register of Historic Places and on the list of National Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks, and is treasured by the community. Both upstream and downstream from the Cotter Bridge are commercial trout docks to help visitors with their river fishing.

Scenic Overlook
Scenic Overlook
Map Location: E-7

R.M. Ruthven Cotter Bridge - Map Location: E-7
R.M. Ruthven Cotter Bridge
Map Location: E-7


White River
A cold water stream famous for world-class trout fishing is the White River. It emerges from Bull Shoals Dam and meanders toward the Mississippi River. White River is a good year-round float stream with spectacular scenery, although floaters and fishermen must exercise caution during periods of power generation when the river flow increases and becomes swift.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reports power generation activity at Bull Shoals Dam and Norfork Dam and lake levels hourly. To hear the updated reports, call (870) 431-5311.This line serves up to 10 callers at once.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission compiles weekly fishing reports on their Web site. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has launched a new Web site to keep the public informed about continuing developments in the White River Minimum Flow Project.

Trout Fishing on the White River
Trout Fishing on the White River
(Photo provided by the Arkansas
Department of Parks and Tourism.)

Map Location: E-7

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