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Countryside & Fishing Site Tour

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Follow PINK Line on Map (approx.) 50 miles. Click for larger view of tour section.

Cotter Arkansas - Trout Capital USA

The Countryside & Fishing Site Tour starts at Cotter, known as Trout Capital, USA. The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission publicationNatural State Trout has called the White River in north Arkansas “sacred water.” Even though it is not out West and not in the back country of Yellowstone, to trout-fishing enthusiasts, Bull Shoals tailwater (the White River) is the place to be. Attractions are: brown trout, weighing 10 to 30 pounds, rainbows of 9 to 16 inches, cutthroats and brook trout. To learn more, contact the Game & Fish Commission, visit, 1-800-364-GAME (4263) or any commercial dock. Fishing licenses may be purchased online.

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