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Branson-South Shore Loop Tour

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Click for larger view of tour section. Follow YELLOW Line on Map (approx.) 55 miles.

Yellville - Marion County Courthouse
Yellville - Marion County Courthouse
Map Location: F-6

Memorial to Elm Tree
Memorial to Elm Tree
Map Location: F-6

Begin at Yellville to take a scenic route toward the family and musical entertainment center of America - Branson, Missouri. From the South Shore, the 52 live performance theaters of Branson are an easy day trip.

Yellville Courthouse and Wood Carving
You will see something unusual in the Marion County Courthouse square in Yellville. Beside the stately courthouse is a wood carving with a dedication message. The information sheet explains that the design is carved from an elm tree that died and was removed from that location in 2006. The carving depicts animals of the area, a bear and a wild turkey.  

History Portrayed
Civil War re-enactors have staged the Civil War era Battle of Yellville (1863) on occasion. See a description of the place and more reenactment  photos. For additional information, contact the Marion County Heritage Society for their booklet – "Marion County – the Divided 1861-1865."

From Yellville, take Hwy. 62/412 about four miles west to where it meets Arkansas Hwy. 125, then turn right heading north until the road meets Arkansas Hwy. 14.

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