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SSSA Teams Formed for Fall 2004
September 2004

Registration is closed for the fall and any new registrations will have to be approved by the board of directors. All teams are formed and all players should have been contacted. If you have not been contacted, call Roger Leonard at (870) 453-8257. Practices have started for most teams and games will start for most teams on Tuesday September 21st.

South Shore Soccer Association is pleased to announce the following number of teams and coaches for 2004-2005. We have around 30 players in the U6 division, 40 in the U8 division, 16 in the U10 division, 11 in the U12 division, and 14 in the U14 division.



#1 Gerry Rainbolt 453-2181
#2 Nikki Swan
#3 Jenny Wingert
#4 Cindy Mostrom
#5 Daniel Hannah

#1 Bill Butcher 453-7044
#2 Roger Leonard 453-8257
#3 Michelle Curtis 453-8115
#4 Rick Woods 453-5617
#5 Roger Leonard 453-8257



#1 Sam Kenniston 449-4337
#2 Richard Tucker 435-2479

#1 Bill Butcher 453-7044

Leagues this year will go back to a more traditional format with teams that are set up evenly and each team has a coach and a sponsor.

Teams are set up according to the following rules:

U6 will play 3 vs 3 with maximum of 6 players on a team

U8 will play 5 vs 5 with maximum of 10 players on a team

U10 will play 6 vs 6 with maximum of 12 players on a team

U12 will play 8 vs 8 with a maximum of 16 players on a team

Players ages 6 and under will be charged a fee of $20 and will receive a ball and shin guards. Players at the U8 level and up will be charged $30.

Fees include registration into the ASSA, special training sessions, subscription to the Corner Kick, secondary insurance, free admission to the state cup and more.

Practices will begin September 7th and games will start September 18. Games will be played on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and/or Saturdays. Practices will be left to each coach's discretion.

For information on how to sign up, please contact Roger Leonard at (870) 453-8257.

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