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South Shore of Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas
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2012 Coloring Contest Winners
November 2012

Kindergarten Coloring Contest Winners:
Cashton Tilton, 3rd place,
Addison Decker, 2nd place,
Kalyiah Long, 1st place

1st Grade Coloring
Contest Winners:
Landen Keiter, 3rd place,
Payton Periman, 1st place

2nd Grade Coloring
Contest Winners:
Lorelei Raisco,
honorable mention,
Payton McGee, 3rd place,
Daisy Renae, 1st place

3rd Grade Coloring
Contest Winners:
Kaylee Whiteaker,
honorable mention,
Isaiah Burleson, 3rd place,
Jace Curtis, 2nd place

4th Grade Coloring
Contest Winners:
Brenna Metts,
honorable mention,
Jacy Riddle, 2nd place,
Summer Dare, 1st place

5th & 6th Grade Essay Contest Winners:
Ben Riddle, 3rd place,
Rachel Brummond,
2nd place,
Dalton Plant, 1st place

7th & 8th Grade Essay Contest Winner:
Corey Maize, 2nd place

South Shore Foundation recently held its annual awards night for winners of their student coloring and essay contests. Each year, students in kindergarten through eighth grade from Flippin, Yellville-Summit, Bruno-Pyatt, Lead Hill, Omaha, and Bergman are invited to participate in the contest individually and through their schools.

Winners received cash prizes totaling more than $450, certificates, and ribbons and were treated to sandwiches, chips, cookies and soft drinks. 

Coloring contest winners were:

Kindergarten: 1st place, Kalyia Long; 2nd place, Addison Decker; 3rd place, Cashton Tilton; honorable mention, Kynlie Florio

1st Grade: 1st place, Payton Periman; 2nd place, Maddigan Wade; 3rd place, Landen Keiter; honorable mention, Garrison Swyers

2nd Grade: 1st place, Daisy Renae; 2nd place, Emily Mears; 3rd place, Payton McGee; honorable mention, Lorelei Rasico

3rd Grade: 1st place, Elli Allen; 2nd place, Jace Curtis; 3rd place, Isaiah Burleson; honorable mention, Kaylee Whiteaker

4th Grade: 1st place, Summer Dare; 2nd place, Jacy Riddle; 3rd place, Emma Smith; honorable mention, Brenna Metts

Essay contest winners were:

5th and 6th Grades: 1st place, Dalton Plant; 2nd place, Rachel Brummond; 3rd place, Ben Riddle; honorable mention, Gregoriy Kashpureff

7th and 8th Grades: 1st place, Callie Hinson; 2nd place, Corey Maize; 3rd place, Desiree Dean; honorable mention, Tatum Little

South Shore Foundation is the charitable arm of NATCO Communications, a locally-owned, independent telecommunications which has provided service to the area for 61 years. It is a nonprofit organization working to enhance the quality of life in the South Shore - Bull Shoals - Arkansas region. The Foundation values the natural environment as a basis for the South Shore way of life and believes technology can be employed to advance economic opportunity and community betterment. For information about the South Shore Foundation, call 870-453-3333.


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