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South Shore of Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas
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South Shore Foundation Endows Scholarship for Math, Science, Technology Students at ASUMH
January 2003

South Shore's $75,000 Grant Creates New Math, Science, Tech Scholarships at ASUMH
South Shore’s $75,000 Grant Creates New Math, Science, Tech Scholarships at ASUMH
Arkansas State University Mountain Home Chancellor Ed Coulter (center) and Vice Chancellor for Development Karen Wallace share the honor of accepting a $75,000 endowment to the Arkansas State University Foundation from South Shore Foundation, represented here by Jodie Jeffrey-Sanders, a trustee of the foundation.

South Shore Foundation has donated $75,000 to the Arkansas State University Foundation to fund a new scholarship for math, science, or technology students or students planning to obtain education degrees and teach math, science, or technology. Proceeds from the endowment will help one or more deserving students each year at the ASU Mountain Home campus study toward a mathematics, science, technology, or education degree. The scholarship recipient must reside in Marion, Baxter, or Boone County.

By establishing this endowment, South Shore Foundation expands its scholarship offerings. Already, the foundation awards $6,000 annually to high school seniors at South Shore area high schools. The foundation may add to its endowment, and other donors may also add to the South Shore Scholarship Endowment. The gifts are tax deductible.

“We hope the fund’s scholarships encourage local students to pursue degrees in mathematics, science, and technology,” said Jodie Elizabeth Jeffrey-Sanders, South Shore Foundation trustee. “We know that math, science, and technology will help prepare our students for the economy of the future. There are never enough students in these majors or enough studying for a teaching certificate in these majors to fill the demand of our country’s businesses and industries.”

Scholarship recipients will be selected by the Arkansas State University Mountain Home Scholarship Committee. Financial need and academic ability will be considerations. If the scholarship recipients maintain a B average, their scholarships will be renewable for a maximum of four semesters or until they obtain an undergraduate degree. Students may expend funds on tuition, fees, books and related educational expenses.

“The Arkansas State University Foundation has endowment accounts of approximately $13 million, which will, through investment, provide support for the life of the institution,” said Sherland Hamilton of Rector, chairman of the ASU Foundation board. Chairman Hamilton said the ASU Foundation promotes private support for the advancement of higher education, research, and allied supportive activities. The minimum amount required to establish an endowment account is $10,000.

South Shore Foundation has previously funded two projects connected with ASUMH. They are the South Shore Memory Project, a digital history produced by Flippin area students working with ASUMH Library Services, and a new program of independent study for high school students called South Shore Developing Scholars Project, designed and supervised by Dr. Eddie Dry.

The South Shore Foundation is the charitable foundation of Northern Arkansas Telephone Company, serving portions of Marion and Boone Counties. Trustees of the South Shore Foundation are leaders in business, government, and education in the area served by NATCO. NATCO is a family-owned and operated independent telephone company. A subsidiary, NATCO Technologies, is an Internet service provider for the Twin Lakes area, including Baxter County.

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