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South Shore of Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas
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Bull Shoals Lake/White River Chamber Accepts Grant for Computers,
Internet Services

June 1999

Betty Barker Smith, Howard Evans, Dianna Roller and Millie Graham at the Bull Shoals Chamber of Commerce
South Shore Foundation recently awarded the Bull Shoals Lake/White River Chamber of Commerce a grant of over $8,000 to provide Internet access to the organization's members and to visitors to the Bull Shoals-White River area. Pictured are South Shore Foundation Trustees Betty Barker Smith (standing, left) and Howard Evans (seated, left) with BSL/WR Chamber of Commerce Director Dianna Roller (seated, right) and Millie Graham, chamber president, (standing, right), both owners of family businesses in Bull Shoals. The chamber contributed $1,500 in matching funds for the project. South Shore Foundation is the charitable arm of Northern Arkansas Telephone Company at Flippin.

FLIPPIN, Ark. - Bull Shoals Lake/White River Chamber of Commerce has received an $8,140 grant from the South Shore Foundation at Flippin to build a new Internet Web site, set up a "public kiosk" Internet computer system and provide Internet access to the public and members at its office. Eric Turner, chairperson of the Internet Committee, said the grant comes at a much needed time and will greatly enhance the member services the chamber offers.

Turner said the Bull Shoals Lake/White River Chamber of Commerce's new Web site will better inform Internet users who are researching travel or retirement topics about the Bull Shoals Lake -White River area. It will be updated monthly with calendar and member information. Also, the chamber will make available for the use of members, tourists, and the general public in the Bull Shoals Lake-White River area a computer supplied with NATCO Fast Net (high-speed access to the Internet through an ISDN telephone line). ISDN stands for integrated services digital network and is a two-channel line allowing telephone and computer use simultaneously.

Turner said, "Our chamber is contributing $1,500 of its own funds toward this project, and we are looking forward to this expansion of our Internet capabilities. Our committee encourages members who do not have Internet service to come to our office and use the service we are able to furnish through this grant. It is for the members, and when visitors stop by during their visit, it is for them to use, also."

South Shore Foundation is the charitable foundation of the Northern Arkansas Telephone Company. Founded in 1996, South Shore Foundation works to promote economic development in the area served by NATCO in Marion and Boone counties. South Shore Foundation funds projects that use telecommunications technology to enhance educational advancement, environmental preservation and community betterment.

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