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New Arkansas Trail Guide Explores History, Heritage
February, 2000

LITTLE ROCK - Arkansans and state visitors seeking places to explore Arkansas' history and heritage are likely to find useful a new brochure published jointly by the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism and the Department of Arkansas Heritage.

The "Arkansas History and Heritage Trail Guide" contains 101 listings of such places. Included are museums, downtown districts, archeological sites, battlefields, cultural centers, government buildings and other structures of historic and architectural significance, state parks, bridges, national and Confederate cemeteries and other sites across the state.

The initial public release of the brochure came at a February 23 press conference hosted at the Old State House in Little Rock by Department of Arkansas Heritage Director Cathie Matthews and Parks and Tourism Director Richard W. Davies.

"Arkansas is full of wonderful opportunities for the visitor interested in heritage tourism," Matthews said. "That's why we have partnered with Parks and Tourism to tell the story of the state's heritage and history with this lovely new brochure."

"It will be a great tool for visitors who are coming to our state for the first time," she continued, "and I expect it will be used by our own citizens as well. The guide highlights places that you haven't visited lately and reminds you of those you've always meant to see."

Davies said the brochure was produced with two goals in mind: To emphasize Arkansas' historical resources and to promote travel to and within the state.

"Arkansas history is important to all of us," Davies said, "because it gives us some perspective on current affairs, contemporary society and the diversity that we have in our state. It also makes it clear that our land has had a lot to do with shaping our culture."

"We also know," he added, "that history and historical sites are big interests for our visitors and this new brochure will make it easy for them to learn about Arkansas history, and to find it."

Noting the cooperation of the two departments in producing the brochure, Davies said, "This project is the kind of joint venture between state agencies that benefits the public. The Department of Parks and Tourism and the Department of Arkansas Heritage have many common interests, and this brochure is a natural for both of us."

Printed with a parchment-effect background, the brochure features 17 full-color photographs, site descriptions with a locator map and a brief sketch of Arkansas history placing many of the sites in their historical context.

Copies of the brochure may be obtained by phoning 1-800-NATURAL, ordering from the Department of Parks and Tourism Web site www.arkansas.com or writing the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, 1 Capitol Mall, Little Rock, AR 72201. Requests may also be e-mailed to info@arkansas.com. The brochures are also available at the department's 13 tourist information centers located near points-of-entry around the state and at the department's offices on the Capitol Mall in Little Rock.

This release, along with others by the Department of Parks & Tourism, is available electronically through the Arkansas Press Association Bulletin Board: apa@lr.cleaf.com (in-state only) and the Department’s Web site: www.arkansas.com under media information.

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